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In its segments, PORR requires materials, subcontractors and services totalling several billion euros a year. Each country has its own procurement units, all of which are supported by the purchasing department in our Vienna headquarters. The common goal: Procurement at the best price and the best quality. While always upholding the PORR principles related to ethics, society and the environment.

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Procurement Austria.

Procurement of PORR Bau GmbH, consists of a central unit in Vienna and decentralised purchasing teams. This means that every federal province, division and department has its own purchasing units. They are responsible for procurement, which is an integral part of our projects. These operational purchasing units are supported by a lead-buyer system, whereby the procurement of certain product groups is coordinated between the purchasing teams at head office and those in the field.

Your contacts for Procurement.

Local Buyer

Every PORR branch office has a regional purchasing department with local purchasing responsibility (local buyer). The local buyer is responsible for the local procurement of goods or services in cooperation with the local team and the lead buyer. Local buyers are an essential part of the procurement organization and also contribute to strategy development. In addition to drawing up local framework agreements, local buyers are also responsible for project procurement.

Einkauf AT Bernhard Renner Leiter Einkauf Spezialtiefbau
Einkauf AT Marco Schmitz Leiter Einkauf Umwelttechnik
Einkauf AT Thomas Stangl Leiter Einkauf Bahn- und Ingenieurbau
Einkauf AT Johann Mair Leiter Einkauf Niederösterreich St. Pölten Hochbau
Procurement AT Andreas Krispler Senior Procurement Manager Salzburg
Procurement AT Peter Raab Senior Procurement Manager Vienna & Lower Austria
Procurement AT Peter Resch Senior Procurement Manager Salzburg
Procurement AT Günter Karnitschnig Senior Procurement Manager Upper Austria
Procurement AT Patrick Posch Senior Procurement Manager Tyrol & Vorarlberg
Procurement AT Claudia Münzer Senior Procurement Manager Carinthia
Procurement AT Georg Zwitkovits Senior Procurement Manager Burgenland
Procurement AT Gerald Reinbacher Senior Procurement Manager Styria
Einkauf AT Gerald Trestl Leiter Einkauf Niederösterreich Wr. Neustadt Hochbau

Lead Buyer

Here you can find our lead buyers for the procurement of various services and goods. In coordination with the operational and regional purchasing units (local buyers), the lead buyers develop framework agreements for specific product groups. These agreements are not only valid throughout Austria, but also for the entire PORR Group and all affiliated companies.

Your contacts for the procurement of product groups.

Einkauf AT Ninoslav Teodosijevic Lead Buyer Energie
Einkauf AT Peter Baranek Lead Buyer Commodities, PSA & Corporate Design
Procurement AT Stefan Maresch Lead Buyer Formwork
Procurement AT Thomas Trinkl Lead Buyer Worker
Procurement AT Lukas Biegl Lead Buyer Building Material
Procurement AT Barbara Bauer Lead Buyer Building Material / C-Parts
Procurement AT Konstantin Karlas Structural Steel

Your contacts for procurement Austria.

Procurement AT Andreas Renner Head of Procurement Austria
Procurement AT Dominique Pargfrieder Assistant Head of Procurement Austria / Administration Manager