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Press release

bee@PORR focuses on sustainability and ensures next generation of beekeepers

Vienna, 23 May 2019 - With the bee@PORR initiative, PORR provides a home for bee colonies at over 40 international locations and is thereby taking important steps to prevent bee mortality. Under the motto "Bee aware and care", more than 400 hives have already been built in all PORR home markets since 2017 - and they now house around 20 million bees in summer. And that's not all: in order to be just as industrious as our winged friends, PORR supports young beekeepers by providing hives and colonies on the Group's own properties in order to sustainably secure the next generation of beekeepers.

3 beekeeper in the garden

There are numerous beehives in the gardens or on the roofs of the PORR sites. In the Czech Republic, employees learn from beekeeping professionals how honey is made.


All over the world, the honey bee is under threat, primarily by environmental influences, the use of pesticides and bee pests like the Varroa mite. This is a worrying development considering that it is the third most important animal after cattle and pigs. PORR therefore employs both professionals and hobby beekeepers from its own ranks in order to ensure that bee colonies keep buzzing long term. "Our PORRians build for generations and thereby shape habitats. What’s more, we embrace our commitment to the environment, driven by convinction and our responsibility to society. Since bees play a very important part in the entire ecosystem, we must support them - and we as PORR want to make a contribution", said PORR CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss.

Sustainability through young talents

Over 40 locations in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland not only offer a home to bees, but also function as a training centre for the next generation of beekeepers. On the roof of the PORR headquarters in Vienna, for example, there is a special apiary from the Vienna Regional Association for Beekeeping. This means it is not only available to the winged colony, but also to those attending special courses at the Vienna Beekeeping School, in which young beekeepers can receive practical training. Whether professionals, trainees or PORR employees* - anyone who would like to take a proactive part in the initiative can contact their respective on-site "bee representative" and will be given the appropriate support.

A small PORRtion of honey

On average, over 8 tonnes of honey - from linden, acacia or chestnut honey to forest honey - are produced annually by the busy bees, depending on the weather conditions. The majority of the honey produced can be kept by the beekeepers. Around 20 percent of the "liquid gold" is filled into small jars and distributed by PORR as a sweet gift to customers, business partners and employees on special occasions. This not only raises awareness of the relevance of bees, but also makes the day a little sweeter.


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