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Press release

PORR secures stake in learning technology start-up QuickSpeech

Vienna, 18 January 2021 - With its strategic investment in the start-up QuickSpeech and its innovative software solution, PORR is taking the transfer of employee knowledge to the next level. As part of the entry, PORR's training and development portfolio will be expanded to include a state-of-the-art solution for optimizing internal onboarding, product, apprentice, trainee and junior management training.

"Individual learning is the key to project success and safe working conditions. As an industry pioneer in education and training, we see enormous potential in mobile learning solutions. The QuickSpeech learning app will allows us to optimize and automate existing processes and maximize our construction site management," says Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

Every construction project has specific requirements for employees in order to guarantee optimal and safe work processes. Since the required learning content varies by position and also depends on the prior knowledge of each individual employee, QuickSpeech provides a customized learning experience spanning every job profile and hierarchical level. Comprehensive product knowledge and occupational safety are the top priorities for PORR when using the state-of-the-art solution from QuickSpeech.

Gamification and artificial intelligence for more security

"We have made it our mission to bring the joy of corporate learning back into companies. Learning should be fun and that is what happens when the content is short, punchy and, above all, personalized. Maximum efficiency in employee training is our top priority," says Lukas Snizek, CEO of QuickSpeech.

QuickSpeech offers companies a playful, collaborative approach to learning by means of a user-friendly smartphone app in order to impart in-depth specialist knowledge and significantly increase the level of knowledge relevant to the company. Thanks to the use of machine learning, QuickSpeech identifies the needs of the user on the basis of various parameters and adapts the learning content to the individual learning patterns in each case. Employees can access this personalized learning experience on their mobile devices.



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