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Press release

PORR gets Workplace Health Promotion seal

Vienna, 15.03.2023 - For the second time, PORR has succeeded in qualifying for the “Workplace Health Promotion” seal from the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK). This makes PORR a model company for a healthy working environment.

“I always say that construction is a people business. This means that the health of our employees is a priority for us”, says Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR. “In many areas of PORR, workplace health promotion is now indispensable”.

Workplace health promotion (WHP) is a modern corporate strategy aimed at preventing illness and improving wellbeing in the workplace. PORR has been steadily expanding its broad portfolio of measures since 2017. The individual initiatives are based on survey findings, evaluations and workshops – with staff participation playing an essential role.

The measures implemented to date include retrofitting sites with defibrillators, improved drinking water supplies on construction sites, immunisation programmes, sports activities, healthy food options, and the organisation of Group-wide health days. Mental health is not neglected either: Staff members have the opportunity to draw on free mental health counselling. For Lent, PORR is currently implementing a cooperation with the well-known nutritionist Ursula Vybiral under the motto “Healthy, fit and light for spring”. The wide range on offer extends from hybrid events to recipes to cook at home.

Strict assessment criteria, high quality of life

In recognition of PORR’s diverse activities in the area of health, the Austrian Health Insurance Fund has awarded the construction company the title of ‘Outstanding Company for Workplace Health Promotion’.

470 companies received the WHP seal this time. The award is issued by an independent institute that assesses the health focus of companies against 15 quality criteria, such as the scope of the objectives and the extent to which they are met. Due to its outstanding performance, PORR has been awarded the WHP seal by the Austrian Health Insurance Fund for a period of three years.


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Melanie Manner Press spokeswoman