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Press release

PORR advocates for fairer opportunities in education

Vienna, 4 March 2019 – As part of the Teach For Austria initiative, PORR CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss held an interactive lesson at the Viennese school "Dr. Bruno Kreisky". PORR designed the lesson with the motto "Mathematics in the world of work" in order to raise awareness of the fundamental role of maths in a construction industry that is experiencing a steady increase in digitalisation.

Karl Heinz Strauss bei TeachForAustria 1 CopyrightTeachForAustria

Digital technologies and innovations are transforming the world we live in. Here the cultural shift towards a new digital era is not only influencing the way we live together, but also the way we work together. In the construction industry the impacts of digitalisation are already a reality. Ever more complex work processes and the use of digital technologies are raising the bar for jobseekers. And yet if we manage today to get our children interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), their prospects on the job market of the future will be exceptionally bright.

PORR CEO in the teacher's chair

In order to raise awareness for STEM subjects among the pupils in class 4D at the Dr. Bruno Kreisky school along with the related vocational opportunities, Karl-Heinz Strauss held an interactive maths lesson on 25 February. In addition to his personal career path and an exciting insight into the construction industry of the future, Strauss gave the youngsters practical tips for their own futures. "Why has so much changed on construction sites in recent years?" and "Who needs maths on a construction site?" were just two of the questions addressed during the lesson in which the girls and boys alike showed a strong interest.

"It is an honour for me to give these young men and women an insight into the construction industry as part of the Teach For Austria week. This week-long initiative is not just a great experience for those participating as teachers, it delivers real value added for the pupils", said Karl-Heinz Strauss, PORR CEO. "Business and political decision makers as well as educational institutions will have to work very closely together to rethink tried-and-tested patterns and procedures. This is the only way to create fairer opportunities in education and to ensure that tomorrow's talented individuals can determine their own futures."

An Austrian initiative to change the course of people's lives

Teach For Austria is an Austrian educational initiative whose goal, by 2050, is to give every child the chance of a successful education – no matter who their parents are in terms of money, background or educational level. The so-called Fellow Programme is at the heart of Teach For Austria's work. This two-year leadership programme brings together exceptionally dedicated university graduates from an array of subjects to teach full time in challenging schools, places where the majority of youngsters' families are of low socio-economic status. At present there are around 170 Teach For Austria Fellows and alumni teaching more than 17,000 pupils at middle schools and polytechnics in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria. 


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