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A1 Westautobahn (motorway), Auhof junction

Photo: A1 Auhof junction: Looking from a bird's eye view onto the reconditioned road section
Facts and Figures
Company TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH, Lower Austria branch
PrincipalASFINAG Bau Management GmbH
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Bridge building, Road construction
Runtime06.2011 - 09.2011

Reconditioning of Vienna’s west motorway entrance slip road

This project mainly involved the reconditioning of the road construction, the entire road drainage and the entire street lighting in the area of the Auhof junction of the A1 Westautobahn motorway from km 9.5 to km 8.6 (from Vienna) and the repair of a bridging object. Here, the traffic on the main carriageway of the A1 and the entry and exit ramps had to be maintained without interruption. Another challenge was the short construction period of only 13 weeks for this project. To ensure both, the maintenance work was carried out in day and night shifts in three traffic phases per carriageway orientation.