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A1 Westautobahn motorway rehabilitation

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal ASFINAG AG
Location Ansfelden - Austria
Type Concrete slab construction
Runtime 04.2014 - 12.2014

Renewed concrete pavement at Linz intersection

On order from ASFINAG, PORR was responsible for rehabilitating a 30-km stretch of motorway at Ansfelden in the Linz region in 2014. In particular, it repaired various damaged joints, edges and concrete fields on both carriageways as well as six junctions of the A1, the Westautobahn motorway.

 In order to keep traffic disturbances to a minimum, quick-set concrete partially installed using slip formwork paver was used in the course of construction which exclusively took place on the weekends.