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Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel

Facts and Figures
Company PORREAL GmbH
Principal Magistratsabteilung 34 der Stadt Wien
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Facility Management
Contract duration 06.2014 - 08.2019

Modern building concept for modern way of learning.

In autumn 2014, the city’s Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel (“Sonnwendviertel Educational Campus”) opened its doors at the site of Vienna’s main station. The complex with its gross floor area of some 20,000m² houses a kindergarten with eleven groups, an all-day elementary school with 17 and an all-day secondary school with 16 classes. In its individually adapted areas and zones, up to 1,300 people use the Campus every day.

The complex’s design took into account high architectural and functional demands and paid particular attention to sustainable operation.

As early as during the development and design stage, PORREAL accompanied the project with comprehensive consultant services and thus significantly contributed to making sure that today, Bildungscampus can be run extremely efficiently. At the time of opening, PORREAL assumed the technical and infrastructural facility management as well as the daily gastronomical service for the facility.