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Landeck Inn River Bridge

Facts and Figures
Company TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH (Tyrol branch) in a consortium
Principal Österreichische Bundesbahnen Infrastruktur Bau AG
Location Landeck - Austria
Type Rail construction, Bridge building
Runtime 02.2008 - 11.2009

Elegantly bridging the Inn River.

Prior to constructing the new railway bridge in Landeck, the old steel lattice bridge dating back to 1904 had to be removed. The project furthermore included the rehabilitation of three vaulted viaducts (prestressing, wall joints, pavement) and the new construction of a bicycle path bridge on the left hand shore of the Inn River. The new steel arch bridge’s foundations were built using bored piles. Included were a reinforced concrete compound plate and an arched abutment with distribution supports. The construction was pushed in place using a skidway.

In October 2014, the new Inn River Bridge was awarded the Brunel Award in the category Technical Infrastructure and Environment in Amsterdam. This leading international railway design awards railway companies all over the world for achievements in railway architecture, construction engineering and railway design. In its statement, the expert panel called Landeck’s Inn River Bridge a feast for the eyes. 

An existing stone viaduct with three eastern and four western arch sections forms the basis for the impressively large bridge located in the middle of the city. In the course of rehabilitation work, the viaduct was equipped with a new concrete road plate for the train route and a so-called truss. In this case, this means two parallel parabolic steel arches bridging the Inn River without using cross-beams on the arched posts. The arches do not feature a rectangular cross section as usual but a pentagonal one whereby their elegance and slenderness are further underlined. The noise protection walls form a single unit with the bridge which is further highlighted by the municipality’s lighting design. The well-done structure also represents a symbol for the modernisation of the Arlberg Railway.