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Prangl Operations Facility

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH
Principal Prangl Immobilien GmbH
Location Zettling - Austria
Type Industrial construction
Runtime 06.2012 - 05.2013

New operations facility is an eye catching, multifunctional unit

The new operations facility, built by PORR for the heavy equipment supplier Prangl, is a complex consisting of an administrative building, warehouses, workshops, parking areas, a filling station, waste collection areas and extensive outdoor facilities. The construction site covers an area of some 4 hectares surface, of which about 13,000m2 have been built on.

The administration building was designed for a variety of uses. Building services rooms and an archive have been arranged in the basement with social rooms and a conference area on the ground floor. Overnight accommodation for drivers has been included on the first floor and a modern office space, including a spacious courtyard, is housed on the second floor.

The inclined concrete columns supporting the 20m cantilevered second floor, which create such a visual architectural impact for the administration building, presented a particular challenge for the concrete expertise of PORR. Added to this were the aluminium profiles, specially extruded for this project, which cover the façade of the building element. 

The manufacture of the lightweight timber roof was also particularly challenging. The design does not have any central support, which allows for a highly flexible utilisation of office space.

Internally the administration building was equipped to the highest technical level. High quality materials are used exclusively. Wood panelling, glass walls and ceilings combine to give an exclusive impression.

The workshop is adjacent to the administration building. The hall covers some 1,700 m² and houses a washing bay, which is supplied by a well 16m deep. Daylight is directed into the interior of the hall through roof lights in the ceiling and twelve glazed doors. The technical equipment for the workshop includes two overhead cranes and three assembly pits with up to 30m in length. A 25m long steel structure connects the workshop to the comprehensive display hall, which covers some 5,600m2

The largest building element of the facility is the supplies and equipment hall, which consists of a 20m high central aisle and two lean-to roofs. Among other things, it serves as a storage facility for large cranes.

The majority of the hall floors and the entire outdoor facilities have been surfaced with a highly durable asphalt system. To allow rainwater to soak away over the extensive asphalt surface, the civil engineering specialists from PORR have laid troughs with humus and an underground soak away system.

The construction of the Prangl facility demonstrates the many sided expertise of PORR, from asphalting to building offices. Emphasis was placed on the highest standards of quality and astute implementation, and allows for sustainable utilisation of the facilities for many years ahead.