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Sustainable planning at PORR Design & Engineering.

At PORR Design & Engineering, we focus on the sustainability of construction projects from the very beginning of the planning process. We optimise construction measures according to the principles of ecological building, review concepts and offer alternative approaches.

In addition, we perform the relevant building physics calculations and process submissions to the required certifying bodies. Carbon management and life cycle assessment are also a part of every sustainable construction process.  
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Building certification: the seal of approval for sustainable structures.

Building certification systems provide approved methods and procedures to minimise emissions and resource consumption without impacting on building comfort.

Our team can look back on over ten years of experience in building certification. All services are performed by qualified and experienced company staff to maximise benefits while minimising added costs. We conduct planning in line with approved building guidelines and play a proactive role in improving leading building certification systems as BREEAM, LEED or the core system of ÖGNI (Austrian Society for a Sustainable Property Sector).
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