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Properly recycling and disposing of old stuff.

PORR Umwelttechnik possesses long-standing environmental technology in the execution of industrial dismantling and demolition work. In many cases, contaminates and asbestos need to be removed prior to demolition. Especially weakly bound asbestos products such as sprayed asbestos present great challenges when it comes to the protection of workforce and the environment during the removal of such materials from structures. In this context, we particularly excel in technically demanding projects requiring innovative dismantling concepts. We furthermore specialise in urban mining, the expertly dismantling of power station sites and large industrial sites. When it comes to such projects, it is paramount to identify objects as secondary resources at an early stage, to quantify the secondary resources therein and to create economic feasibility assessments on the basis of innovative technical recovery variants.
Prajo & Co, experts in the demolition industry with many years of experience is an important pillar in our daily business. Thus, we are perfectly prepared for tasks in all fields: from gutting to dismantling to ecologically compatible material separation and disposal. No matter if it involves factory buildings, rental buildings or single family homes.

Selected projects.