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Environmental laboratory

And therefore, those who love the environment should perform tests.

Accredited by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ), Bautech Labor GmbH, using highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, creates test reports on the basis of physico-chemical tests of water, sediment and ground air samples. The results can be directly incorporated into expert assessments. They form the foundation for environmentally relevant decisions such as the definition of remediation measures for contaminated sites, the determination of waste treatment methods or the classification of materials to be deposited in landfills.

Schneeberg railway.

Sampling on a section of the Schneeberg railways for basic characterization by full analysis according to the Landfill Regulation 2008.


Aspern Seestadt.

Verification of compliance with the prescribed limit values of the water retention on re-seepage.


Laßnitzhöhe construction scheme.

In-situ sampling through digging.


Eastern tunnel portal St. Pölten.

Review of compliance with prescribed limit values of the water retention on discharge into the sewers.


Solids analysis.


Water and eluates analysis.