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Press release

PORR investing in E-mobility

Vienna, 27.07.2023 – The expansion of the charging infrastructure in Austria is advancing at speed. And PORR is investing in E-mobility as well. This year it is introducing 71 charging points for electric vehicles at eleven company sites. More charging points will follow. At the same time, work is also being done on expanding alternative drive systems in the machinery fleet.

“The switch to e-mobility in Austria will only succeed if we have well-functioning charging infrastructure nationwide. Despite the remarkable pace of expansion, this bottleneck remains. At PORR we have now started to build our own network of charging stations”, says PORR CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss. This will form the basis for the further electrification of the vehicle fleets.

The first step planned for this year is the installation and/or expansion of 71 charging points at eleven company sites in Austria. These will be available for all company cars via fuel cards. After that, they will be successively expanded based on demand.

Ongoing pilot projects

E-mobility does not stop at cars: “The expansion of alternative drives is also an issue in our fleet of machinery. We are in close contact with the manufacturers of the relevant equipment and are constantly carrying out pilot projects”, Strauss explains. “Here, however, the range available on the market is less advanced than in the passenger-car sector and the devices have to prove their performance in operation”.

The expansion of the charging infrastructure is part of PORR’s Green and Lean strategy. Other measures in the area of alternative energies include fitting out 30 roofs and five former landfill sites with photovoltaic systems, as well as the introduction of an Austria-wide energy monitoring system.


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Melanie Manner Press spokeswoman