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Management system

We have a decades-long tradition of managing quality.

PORR was one of the first Austrian construction companies to introduce a certified quality management system as far back as 1995. The benefits for us were plain to see: PORR had prioritised the highest quality since its very beginnings – and not just in terms of realising buildings. We understand quality as a far more comprehensive issue. In addition to the quality of the construction, we focus on its economic realisation and on environmental protection. And, of course, on occupational health and safety. 
Certification allows us to send out a clear signal: we have official confirmation that our quality assurances are not just about paying lip service, but are instead a reality we embody to this very day.

There is no expiry date on responsibility.

In the meantime the environment has undergone a significant change: the demands on companies are increasing permanently. Clients, shareholders, partners, the broader public and even one’s own staff members have ever higher expectations.

To ensure its long-term survival, a company today has to embrace responsibility in a wide range of fields: on the one hand, responsibility for people and the environment, on the other hand for the efficiency of its management processes. This is why the comprehensive assurance of safety requirements continues to be a top priority for PORR and is clearly regulated in our Corporate Policy. And while certification was originally just “nice to have”, today it is an intrinsic, essential factor in an international context.

The entire PORR Group is currently certified to the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015  | Quality Management System
ISO 50001:2018 l Energy Management System
ISO 14001:2015 | Environmental Management System
ISO 45001:2018 | Occupational Health And Safety Management System

Appendix to qualityaustria certificate Q-28362/21
Appendix to qualityaustria certificate EM-00273/21
Appendix to qualityaustria certificate U-04700/21
Appendix to qualityaustria certificate OHS-01550/21