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City centre construction pit excavation.

Earthworks comprise all construction activities that result in changes to the soil’s position, form or stratification. They thus form the basis of projects as varied as road construction, sewerage, dams, landfills, sealing, soil coverage, landscaping, culverts, noise barriers... and many others.

As a typical example of earthworks, consider embankments. These are not just needed for transport routes, such as canals, roads and railways, but also for dams and landfill sites. Other tasks which fall within the scope of earthworks include: levelling and compacting large areas, the supply of sand, gravel or topsoil, and the removal of volumes of earth.

Koller Transporte-Kies-Erdbau GmbH is a subsidiary of PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH and specialises in all these types of earthworks. The company carries out both small construction projects – for example, a temporary construction pit system for a family house – and large infrastructure projects for clients including the port of Vienna and the Austrian railways, ÖBB.

City centre construction pit excavation.