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High-pressure water jets

For efficient cleaning and removal technology

High-pressure water jets (HPW) is a highly efficient cleaning and removal technique that is characterised by its material-friendly properties. This process uses clear water under high pressure to precisely remove impurities without causing material damage. The water pressure can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the surface in question. 

Whether demarcation work, cleaning work in building construction and civil engineering (buildings, bridges, machines, etc.) or removal work on concrete, asphalt and bitumen: in Western Austria, we offer many years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment with a high working capacity of 2500 bar jet pressure, which can be used quickly and in a variety of ways on almost all surfaces.

Environmentally friendly and trouble-free use

High-pressure water jetting technology is not only impressive in terms of its effectiveness, but also its environmental friendliness. Thanks to the sustainable cleaning process with pure, recycled water, the method is a resource-saving and chemical-free solution for your project. By focussing on extremely low material removal from the base material, the integrity of the material is preserved, avoiding micro-cracks in the substance and thus ensuring longevity. It can also be used in sensitive working environments without thermal impact on the material and sparking. The reduced noise development also contributes to this, which means that high-pressure water jets can be used with virtually no disruption. Thanks to these properties, we not only minimise dust generation during the process, but also reduce subsequent cleaning.

For maximum flexibility, we offer a rental option for our easy-to-operate high-pressure equipment - an uncomplicated solution for using high-quality equipment without high acquisition costs. Overall, with our high-pressure water jetting technology, we guarantee not only the best results, but also responsible and efficient use with the highest environmental standards for your project.