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Public private partnership (PPP)

PORR as a powerful partner in PPP projects

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) involve cooperation between public institutions and private companies. The public sector identifies a need for a construction service or infrastructure initiative and private partners deliver an optimised solution. This usually includes the development, financing, planning, construction, operation and maintenance over a period of 20 to 30 years.

Expertise covering the entire project life cycle

PORR is an experienced partner in PPP projects and offers customised solutions over the entire life cycle of a project. Depending on the model of cooperation, responsibility and specialisms can be defined differently between the project partners.

In concession models, one partner is responsible for the services. This partner also bears the risks related to implementation and operation and ensures that the infrastructure built can be used for decades without restrictions. In strategic project development, PORR shares its expertise in the areas of construction and project development. This enables new strategies to be developed or project fields to be tapped. PORR handles the ongoing management of public properties for various shareholdings and for the asset management of operating (project) companies.

Public Private Partnership in construction – best practices

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