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Revitalising buildings

Renovating, revitalising and modernising existing buildings

Renovating listed buildings, revitalising cultural sites or carrying out concrete repairs requires precision, craftsmanship, creativity and a high awareness of quality. The focus is on preserving the building’s substance and ensuring its economic usability. Intelligent revitalisation allows places to regain their identity.

Preserving values and shaping new things – revitalisation with PORR

For PORR it is about preserving values while simultaneously creating something new and innovative. The focus is on respecting the building’s history and every phase of its life. This opens up many design possibilities – from barely visible changes to a complete redesign, from energy-efficient façades to modernised building technology. Our experience in this area proves that the preservation of a building’s fabric and climate-neutral construction can go hand in hand.

Revitalisation projects – best practices

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

Vienna, Austria
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Revitalisierung Schloss Hof

Schlosshof, Austria
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Bürgerzentrum Böheimkirchen

Böheimkirchen, Austria
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Motel one Wien
Vienna, Austria
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Forestry Training Center Traunkirchen, Austria
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Pavillon 1 Krankenhaus Hietzing in Wien Vienna, Austria
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Vienna Alfred Vandrovec Technical Branch Manager
Vienna Christian Kachelmayer Commercial Branch Manager
Lower Austria Dieter Haderer Technical Branch Manager
Lower Austria Michael Fehervary Commercial Branch Manager
Burgenland Klaus Tremmel Technical Branch Manager
Burgenland Patrick Oswald Commercial Branch Manager
Upper Austria Alexander Altmüller Technical Branch Manager
Upper Austria Dominik Mayr Commercial Branch Manager
Styria Stefan Lipp Technical Branch Manager
Styria Johann Höden Commercial Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Herbert Pichler Technical Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Stefan Plank Commercial Branch Manager
Salzburg Kurt Zwinger Technical Branch Manager
Salzburg Markus Wörthner Commercial Branch Manager
Carinthia Robert Wuggenig Technical Branch Manager
Carinthia Michael Kotomisky Commercial Branch Manager
Major Projects Jürgen Maikisch Technical Branch Manager
Major Projects Werner Willmann Commercial Branch Manager