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Planning and building shopping centres

Modern shopping centres – from the sales floor to the car park

There are many different challenges in the construction of a shopping centre or department store. The main focus is on profitability, customer comfort and logistics. The successful realisation of such a project requires an experienced and professional construction company. As a full-service provider in building construction, PORR has multiple international construction projects under its belt.

When shopping becomes an experience

Gastronomy, entertainment and shopping under one roof? For many people, a visit to a shopping centre has long been a whole experience. As the range of products on offer evolves, so do customer expectations. It is not only the shop design and presentation of goods that needs to appeal to all the senses. Anyone planning or revitalising a shopping centre should pay attention to a good mix of entertainment, culinary and retail offers as well as modern, convenient logistics.

At PORR we plan all of these points right from the start of the project, taking national and international best practices as our guide, along with extensive research and considerations. This means that nothing stands in the way of the successful new construction or revitalisation of a shopping centre.

Vienna Alfred Vandrovec Technical Branch Manager
Vienna Christian Kachelmayer Commercial Branch Manager
Lower Austria Dieter Haderer Technical Branch Manager
Lower Austria Michael Fehervary Commercial Branch Manager
Burgenland Klaus Tremmel Technical Branch Manager
Burgenland Patrick Oswald Commercial Branch Manager
Upper Austria Alexander Altmüller Technical Branch Manager
Upper Austria Dominik Mayr Commercial Branch Manager
Styria Stefan Lipp Technical Branch Manager
Styria Johann Höden Commercial Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Herbert Pichler Technical Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Stefan Plank Commercial Branch Manager
Salzburg Kurt Zwinger Technical Branch Manager
Salzburg Markus Wörthner Commercial Branch Manager
Carinthia Robert Wuggenig Technical Branch Manager
Carinthia Michael Kotomisky Commercial Branch Manager
Major Projects Jürgen Maikisch Technical Branch Manager
Major Projects Werner Willmann Commercial Branch Manager