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LEAN Management

Focussing on the client and maximising the value.

Streamlined processes, from planning to implementation: LEAN Management methods maximise value by continuously eliminating waste. Clearly defining and analysing work stages in advance helps to optimise use of time and resources. We use Target Value Design to plan ahead and work towards a predefined (cost) target.
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LEAN Design

LEAN Design is an agile project management system that promotes communication between planning teams, transparently maps processes and reduces delays in the information flow.
LEAN methods allow projects to be implemented within the given budget as all planners and decision makers are integrated in the process from the outset. 
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LEAN Construction

LEAN Construction originated in the automotive sector and refers to a tightly synchronised, efficient implementation process. When the implementation phase is organised according to LEAN Construction principles, it means that every team involved in the implementation is integrated from the outset.
This LEAN Management approach and method correspond exactly to the principles held by PORR Design & Engineering. As a holistic and integral actor, we bear the subsequent implementation stage in mind during planning work.
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