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Hydraulic engineering and harbours

From small power plants to flood protection

PORR has always been one of the most important providers in the field of hydraulic engineering. From the Kaprun power plant group to comprehensive flood protection projects on the Danube: we can look back on a large number of projects in power plant, protective water, dam and harbour construction. The field of hydraulic engineering combines a wide range of construction disciplines: underground sealing, specialised foundation engineering, tunnel construction, civil engineering and much more - we offer you everything from a single source.

Building for people and the environment - focus on sustainability

Hydraulic engineering, also known as hydro technology, covers the areas of hydraulic power engineering, river and harbour construction, coastal engineering, hydraulic traffic engineering, flood protection and groundwater remediation. All projects in this area require more than just civil engineering skills. We focus in particular on the ecological impact of hydraulic engineering projects. After all, water is one of the most important resources on earth and is therefore the basis for a sustainable quality of life.

 Hydraulic engineering and harbours - best practices

Mur power station, Graz Graz, Austria
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Albern Harbour Gate Vienna, Austria
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Lehen riverbed sill power station, Salzburg Salzburg, Austria
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Hydroelectric power plant in Kremsbrücke Kärntner Liesertal, Austria
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Vienna / Lower Austria Uwe Gattermayr Technical Branch Manager
Vienna Christian Kachelmayer Commercial Branch Manager
Lower Austria Michael Fehervary Commercial Branch Manager
Burgenland Andreas Schabhietl Technical Branch Manager
Burgenland Patrick Oswald Commercial Branch Manager
Upper Austria Georg Steibl Technical Branch Manager
Upper Austria Dominik Mayr Commercial Branch Manager
Styria Peter Nitschinger Technical Branch Manager
Styria Johann Höden Commercial Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Michael Pichler Technical Branch Manager
Tyrol/Vorarlberg Stefan Plank Commercial Branch Manager
Salzburg Peter Mall Technical Branch Manager
Salzburg Markus Wörthner Commercial Branch Manager
Carinthia Paul Lamprecht Technical Branch Manager
Carinthia Michael Kotomisky Commercial Branch Manager