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Track construction

New building. Remodelling. Refurbishment. Maintenance.

PORR stands for first-class construction services in every sector of the rail network, both nationally and internationally. Its portfolio includes the construction, conversion and maintenance of track and switch systems, platforms and complete rail transport facilities. It also offers the realisation of turnkey rail lines, including the planning and implementation of all official approval procedures. This applies to mainline and branch lines, urban transport networks including trams and underground rails, as well as industrial sidings - always with the promise of the highest quality.

Conventional track superstructure

The conventional track superstructure is the classic ballasted superstructure, which represents by far the largest share of superstructure constructions in Austria. We carry out all conventional track and switch superstructure work in all areas of the rail network in Austria and abroad, but especially for the Austrian Federal Rail (ÖBB), for the regional rails in the federal states, for urban trams and underground rails and on private industrial rail systems. This primarily includes new construction, conversion and maintenance work on track and switch systems. Our range of services includes the construction and refurbishment of crane track systems for freight terminals, mat tracks for accessible track systems and special solutions for individual requirements for industrial rail track systems.

Slab track

The "Slab Track" system, also known as Slab Track Austria, is a technology developed by PORR in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Rail (ÖBB). The oldest section has been in operation since 1989 without any maintenance or repair work. Interest in Slab Track Austria is growing continuously in passenger and freight transport as well as on high-speed lines and for underground rail systems.

The advantages of Slab Track Austria are manifold. The system is maintenance-free and offers effective secondary noise and vibration protection thanks to an elastic separating layer under the track support plate. It is also characterised by a low construction height, ideal for use in areas where space is at a premium. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication of the track support slabs, Slab Track Austria enables fast and efficient installation, significantly minimising the potential for errors and weather-related quality losses on the construction site. In addition, the system allows recesses to be made at any point along the track axis, e.g. for inspection and storage shafts, and the end product impresses with its exposed concrete quality.

Excavator supplies

PORR's extensive range of services also includes the provision and rental of road-rail excavators to companies. These specialised machines are essential for work on the rail track that can only be accessed via the track, such as substructure, drainage, cable route and foundation work.

Train drivers and security guards

Our qualified train drivers and sipos/shear supervisors work in the rail operations sector and ensure safe operational traffic on rail construction sites and when transferring large track construction equipment. They also guarantee the smooth transport of track-bound equipment and materials that are essential for construction site operations.

Track construction projects - Best practices

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