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Arlberg railway tunnel

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Tunnelau GmbH and PORR Technobau and Umwelt AG in a consortium
Principal ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG
Location St. Anton/Langen - Austria
Type Railway construction, Slab Track Austria
Runtime 05.2005 - 07.2010

Fixed tracks for more security

The Arlberg railway tunnel between St. Anton and Langer has been in existence since 1884 and alongside retrofitting it with security technology, PORR and others were commissioned to lower the tracks and insert the ÖBB-PORR slab track system. Overall, in the 10,650 m tunnel 19,271 m of this system were installed. The track support plates were also executed for rescue vehicles which drove on the street, which represents a substantial security factor. During the work, the traffic on the neighbouring track was maintained.

Before the fixed tracks were installed, the existing upper and lower construction had to be removed and canalisation undertaken. The installations (cable and drainage crossings) were also renewed and the security systems (escape and rescue tunnels, cable troughs, fire extinguishers) retrofitted. In order to adapt the railway tunnel to modern requirements, the structure gauge had to be adjusted. To this end, the tunnel profile was expanded 10.5 km long by removing the wall and the sprayed concrete lining. Surface drains were installed and the surface sealed with sprayed concrete.