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The vision “PORR – Home of Construction. To Build a Better World.” sets the direction for the Group strategy and therefore also for PORR Bau GmbH. We believe in a better world, a home facilitated by sustainable buildings. Those who build change the world. For more than 155 years, standing at the forefront of the construction industry with
new technologies has been in our DNA.

Our goal is to shape the environment sustainably, while driving innovation and growth. And with it a world worth living in for everyone – today and tomorrow. This allows us to offer holistic construction solutions from a single source – from design to construction to operations, in building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure. Innovation, expertise and reliability – powered by PORR

The strategic focus remains on Intelligent Growth with Green and Lean. The aim is to be the market leader for resource-conscious, circular construction. Partnership-based concepts and lean structures and processes are key factors for future collaboration and profitability. In concrete terms, for Austria this means consistent growth in our market position as the PORR Group's most important market. This will be achieved by selectively expanding the depth of value creation and strengthening the Group’s regional presence. As a technology pioneer and with strong, Group-wide expertise in circular construction, PORR is positioning itself as a sustainable infrastructure provider. It serves as a one-stop shop for holistic solutions in all areas of construction. The primary goal is to increase the value of the company long term. And to do this for and with every stakeholder.

The Future of Building.

Our strategy is influenced by complex, long-term framework conditions. The four key drivers of change - demographic change, deglobalisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation - are not only shaping our society today but will also determine the future development of the European construction industry.

Demographic change and deglobalisation in particular play a decisive role on the demand side. Digitalisation is having a significant impact on construction processes, while decarbonisation is fundamentally changing the industry.

Future programme PORR 2025.

With the future programme PORR 2025PORR is also continuing to focus on the strengths of the Group and optimising the efficiency of the organisation. Management structures are being streamlined, the business model sharpened and the portfolio selectively adjusted.

Innovations make the difference.

At PORR, innovation has been a key to success since the very beginning: the pioneering inventions of founder Arthur Porr at the beginning of the 20th century revolutionised concrete construction and laid the foundations for numerous prestigious buildings.

Innovation has always been an integral part of our corporate culture. As a result, we are already a pioneer in the future of the construction industry. Every PORRian contributes to the further development of PORR with creative ideas. Our "Technology Management and Innovation" team advises and supports the operational areas in realising new ideas. PORR is also actively involved in shaping industry standards. We are determined to further expand our leading position in the European construction industry and utilise the opportunities that arise.

Our goal is to use innovative technologies to optimise the entire value chain - from planning to project maintenance. The benefits for our customers take centre stage.