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Project Südgürtel ("southern beltway") Graz

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH and TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH in a consortium
Principal The Office of the Provincial Government of Styria, Department 16: Traffic and Provincial Building Construction Projects
Location Graz - Austria
Type Structural engineering, Road construction, Large-scale projects, Earthworks
Runtime 01.2014 - 09.2017

Traffic is flowing thanks to gap closure

Graz’s Südgürtel beltway closes the gap between Puntigam Bridge and Liebenauer Gürtel beltway, thus significantly improving the traffic situation in the south of Styria’s capital city.

New road section in the city’s Liebenau district measures 2,000m in length. In the course of this expansion project, a covered subsurface route with ramp sections connecting to the former at both ends was built as a "white tub" construction with support walls on both sides. The entire subsurface route and the ramps are located in arched routes. The tunnel constructed in an open construction method features a double rectangular cross-section of 12.50m each. For optimisation purposes, a form work carriage was used.

The project furthermore includes the reconceptualisation of the traffic phases through the construction of a roundabout. Additionally, we provide an optimised ground water drainage by means of our amendment of the tendered concept.

This project’s special challenges were ambitious deadlines and complex construction site logistics.