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Company information

Absberggasse 47
1100 Vienna

T +43 50 626-0
F +43 50 626-1111

Business purpose: Project planning and execution of construction services of all kinds
Company Registry Number: FN 34160 k
Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
Register court: Handelsgericht Wien
Value Added Tax Identification Number: ATU 36891100
Member of: WKO Wien
Applicable Legislation: Gewerbeordnung
Inspecting authority: Magistrat Wien 10. Bezirk (Gewerbe Baumeister, MA 63)
Member state: Austria
Employer number: 400051283

Management bodies

Group Executive Board

Karl-Heinz Strauss (CEO)
Klemens Eiter (CFO)
Claude-Patrick Jeutter (COO)
Jürgen Raschendorfer (COO)

Managing Director(s)

Josef-Dieter Deix
Kurt Lackner
Oliver Schupe
Ludwig Steinbauer
Zeljko Vocinkic
Gernot Wagner

Subject of enterprise

PORR Bau GmbH is responsible for the project planning and execution of construction services of all kinds.

Declaration about the basic direction of the medium

It primarily publishes content from companies in which PORR Bau GmbH has a stake.

Web design, editorial system & support

Group Communications

Absberggasse 47
1100 Vienna
T +43 50 626-0

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