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Structural engineering

We know how it’s done.

Infrastructure forms the lifelines of our modern society. The projects become ever more complex and place the highest demands on the executing companies. In this field, PORR is a specialist for the processing of large infrastructure projects with a large number of partial performances or special challenges.

These include civil engineering structures such as bridges, culverts, underpasses, tunnels in open or cut-and-cover construction method, earthwork, the application of road surface and utility line installation. Adding to these are engineering structures, underground car parks, concrete rehabilitation and conversions, flood protection, container construction, underground construction and parking decks. Inner-city infrastructure projects are often also about their handling while keeping everyday traffic running or while adhering to strict safety precautions in case of performances in areas with elevated risks (e.g. refineries).

In every case, we guarantee efficient project handling and project management, develop solutions regarding construction progress, traffic phase solutions as well as solutions concerning technical implementation meeting our clients’ requirements.

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Engineering construction
Georg Pleva Technical Branch Manager
Engineering construction
Johannes Fürst Technical Branch Manager
Engineering construction
Ernst Strobl Commercial Branch Manager


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