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Prater junction reconstruction

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH
Principal ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Structural engineering, Road construction, Large-scale projects
Runtime 03.2014 - 12.2016

Rehabilitating one of Vienna’s most important traffic junctions

With a traffic load of some 190,000 vehicles per day, Prater junction ranks among Austria’s most important traffic junctions. The junction’s centrepiece is Erdberg Bridge crossing the Danube Canal which goes back to the 1970s. In 2014 it had reached the end of its service life and was supposed to be demolished and reconstructed. The construction measures to be executed included two diversion bridges as well as the rehabilitation of the existing access ramps.

Prater junction is not only an important traffic hub, it is also used by ship traffic on the Danube Canal, the left and right main collector, countless installations, the international bus station Erdberg and the U3 underground line. All this traffic needed to be kept running during demolition and reconstruction. Certain work stages, such as the A4 motorway bridges’ demolition, could therefore only be performed on the weekends. The challenges PORR faced in terms of planning and logistics were correspondingly huge.

The new Prater junction will be completed by December 2016 and afterwards once again serve for many decades as an important traffic hub.