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Press release

PORR Adventure-Camp

Vienna, 6.8.2019 – Vacation time is often a big challenge for working parents: Where can I find suitable childcare and entertainment facilities for the summer months? And how can my kids spend time in a meaningful way? With the Adventure-Camp, PORR has once again organised a first-class holiday activity this year. The camp supports PORR employees during the school holidays and offers children and young people a fun pastime. The Adventure-Camp is an exciting opportunity, especially for older adolescents who are about to finish school, allowing them to gain insights into the construction industry and get individual experience on which to base their own career choices.

Kids on Construction Site

PORR Adventure-Camp. Please note the copyright.

© Astrid Knie

"A healthy work-family balance is very important to us. In 2016 we launched a very special initiative called We@PORR, which focuses on the changing demands of the world of work and balancing one's private and professional life. We are addressing this issue on several levels simultaneously: As part of the Adventure-Camp, we are offering comprehensive childcare, workshops and sports opportunities to our PORRians and their children. The adventure camp has been a great success again this year," said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

Trespassing desired

Over 70 children and teenagers aged between six and fourteen travelled together to Seeboden on Millstätter See and had an exciting time at the Sportresort Hotel Royal X. Between 21 July and 2 August this year the two Adventure-Camp weeks took place. Children and young people were able to get to know life on the construction site up close - from excavating to driving the roller. Part of last year's camp involved building a miniature house, which was extended this year by an access road laid with cobblestones. In addition, the participants built an insect hotel that offers bees, ladybirds and other natural pest-controllers a weatherproof shelter and suitable nesting facilities.

3D – not only at the cinema

In addition to classic construction, there was a station with 3D glasses, familiarizing children and young people with the topic of digitization in the construction industry and showing them the future of the building sector. Occupational health and safety was also represented and focused on aspects such as the correct posture when lifting or the perfect equipment on the construction site. Since sustainability also plays an important role at PORR, the Adventure-Camp paid attention to the use of recycled materials and discovered the wonderful world of the Hohe Tauern together in the "rangerlab - valuable water". The aim was to raise awareness among young people on the issues of sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection in a playful way.


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