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A23 expressway (Südosttangente), Vienna Repair of the Gutheil Schoder Bridge

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH . Tiefbau
Principal ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type mastic asphalt
Runtime 07.2019 - 09.2019

Repair work on the bridge seal and the mastic asphalt covering.

The first phase of the project involved the removal of the entire road surface, including the sealing elements, and thorough cleaning of the bridge structure.

A particular effort was made to preserve the edge beams when repairing the sealing. The sealing connection was applied to the existing steel curbs. After the structural drainage system had been replaced, a triple-layer mastic asphalt pavement was mechanically installed using paving screed and chippings. The chippings were pressed into the still hot mastic asphalt with a smooth roller and a rubber-wheeled roller. The excess chippings were removed with a sweeper at the end of the project.

Technical data.

  • Road surface: 1,165m2, length 172m, lane width 6.60m
  • A2 bridge sealing, Sys II resin (G+K) + E-KV B geog + P-KV: 1,165m2
  • Corrosion protection of the steel curbs using Matacryl liquid sealant and epoxy resin coating: 362m
  • Plastic concrete drainage: 171.5m
  • Mastic asphalt protective layer MA11, PmB25/55-65, M1, G1, 4cm: 127t
  • Mastic asphalt MA11, PmB25/55-65, M1, G1, 4cm: 1,165m2
  • Mastic asphalt surface chippings 4/8, G1, 8–25kg/m2: 1,165m2
  • Replacement of water drainage system: 167m