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Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH, PORREAL GmbH
Principal Internationale Immobilien Fonds
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Office buildings, Facility management
Contract duration 02.2013 - in progress
Runtime 10.2006 - 11.2008

Welcome to Vienna’s most modern office park.

In the industry, EURO PLAZA in Vienna’s Meidling district is considered the city’s most modern office park. The complex encompasses more than 200,000m² of perfectly equipped office space in top location. The site’s main building and landmark is EURO PLAZA 4 which was completed in 2008 and features some 52,000m² of office, restaurant and retail space as well as 520 parking spaces in the three-storey underground car park.

Apart from its perfect transport connections and its timelessly attractive architecture, EP4 distinguishes itself with its inner values: Safety, energy efficiency, modern air conditioning technology and high-quality interior equipment played major parts in the design and implementation of this building. PORR had been responsible for its construction and – since early 2013 – for the building’s operation.

The building was erected on a lot some 11,000m² in size between late 2006 and late 2008. Its eight upper floors feature a distinct glass façade and offer space for highly equipped flexible office space as well as a modern conference centre. The ground floor houses shops, a restaurant and a spacious lobby. 

For purposes of installing the temporary building pit supporting system, a contiguous pile wall needed to be built on a length of 425m and stabilised using loose rock layers as well as compounds using CFA piles and cased drill holes. The bored piles were supported using a dual-layer anchor horizon, whereby the anchors’ cushions formed continuous waler lines. Once the basement slab had been built, the anchors and waler lines could be removed. In the area between the ground water table and the planned foundation bottom, void injection was placed between the bored piles and incorporated into the slab. Once the circle was closed, the lowering of the ground water table and the rest of the excavation work took place. In less than 90 days, 154,000m³ of soil were removed from the construction pit.

In early February 2007, PORR’s teams started with constructing the first bottom slab sections and concrete work could be completed some eight months later. For purposes of increasing the building’s stability, the slab above the basement floor was executed with a uniform top level and without structural joints. Instead of the originally planned two-storey bridge construction, PORR’s engineers used a three-storey steel superstructure with attached glass construction to connect the two building parts. A glass construction some 600m² in size was installed on top of the large reception and entrance area. Unique glass façade constructions such as a crown façade, a crystal façade with attached glass triangles as well as dual-shell façades give the structure an exclusive appearance.

Building management operation.
EURO PLAZA 4, however, not only embodies exclusivity through its architecture, but also through comprehensive services the building’s tenants can rely on. Since early 2013, PORREAL has been taking care of high-quality technical and infrastructural facility management providing services in the fields of site operations, site management, maintenance, safety checks and infrastructure.