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Flood protection measures Spitz on the Danube

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH and PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG in a consortium with TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH
Principal Market town of Spitz an der Donau
Location Spitz an der Donau - Austria
Type Hydraulic engineering & harbours
Runtime 03.2010 - 04.2012

Additional security for Spitz.

The flood protection facility erected by PORR in a consortium with TEERAG-ASDAG included subsoil sealing as well as a reinforced concrete foundation for the purpose of installing mobile elements. Bored piles, which were installed up to a depth of 10 m below ground level, ensure the static load transfer from the flood protection wall. Between the bored piles, jet-grouted fins seal off the subsoil. Rising groundwater is controlled by means of a pressure relief system: the groundwater is collected in a drainage line and pumped off. For this purpose, four pumping stations had to be built in the project area.

All federal and state roads that had been affected by the construction measures were rebuilt. Despite the fact that the flood of June 2010 significantly hampered construction work, the deadline was met.

The sealing type using bored piles and fins that had been offered by the consortium as an alternative, successfully proved itself during the flood of 2013.