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Freudenau Danube power station

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG, PORR Bau GmbH
Principal Donaukraft
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Power plant construction
Runtime 08.1993 - 01.1998

Green power from the metropolis

Due to local conditions on the outskirts of Vienna, the main structure of the Danube power station in Freudenau needed to be built using the wet-construction method. The individual construction stages’ sequence required the dismantling and relocation of several flood-proof and sealed construction pits. Additionally, the deployment of manpower and equipment had to be tailored to the respective construction phases and was – due to the framework conditions on site – subject to great fluctuation. Thus, this technically demanding construction project presented a special challenge, both in terms of organisation and logistics. Thanks to close collaboration with the owner and planner Donaukraft, the tight construction schedule could be met successfully. The services PORR had been contracted for, partially on its own and partially as a member of consortia, were executed on schedule and in full accordance with the contract as well as in a technically flawless manner, with PORR being in charge of the overall project.

The construction of the Freudenau Danube power station marked another step forward in the utilisation of hydro power, a renewable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient source of energy. Furthermore, this multi-purpose facility solves Vienna’s water management problems, yields urban development improvements, optimises shipping and increases the recreational value of the entire region, without significantly affecting the Danube ecosystem.