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Gail Bridge in Egg

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau Gmbh, Steel Construction department, PORR Bau GmbH, Carinthia branch
Principal Municipality of Hermagor
Location Egg, Hermagor - Austria
Type Bridge building
Runtime 02.2020 - 09.2020

A steel bridge for Hermagor.

The bridge over the River Gail in Egg/Micheldorf in the Carinthian municipality of Hermagor had first been built in 1936. The carriageway surfacing, however, which consisted of a single layer of wooden planks, meant that it no longer met the requirements for heavy tractor units. Following the recommendation of the building committee of the municipality of Hermagor, a state-of-the-art steel bridge was built in its place. The contract was awarded to the PORR steel construction department and the PORR Carinthia branch.

The bridge was fitted with new steel girders and a precast concrete carriageway that was widened from 3.30m to 4m and will be able to support a payload of up to 34t. The bridge’s load-bearing system, a three-span girder with spans measuring 18.7m + 23.8m + 18.7m and a total length of 61.2m, was retained.

After the old steel girders had been dismantled, the pier foundations around the bank-side abutments and the two bridge piers were modified and stabilised.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, 1m wide and 4.80m long, were mounted on the hot-dip galvanised main girders to form the carriageway surface. The railings on either side are made of galvanised steel profiles. As cyclists also use the bridge, the railings were mounted at a height of 1.20m. The bridge construction work was successfully completed in September 2020 and PORR handed over the new steel bridge to the municipality of Hermagor.