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IZD Tower

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG in a consortium
Principal IZD Office Center Errichtungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Office buildings, High-rise construction
Runtime 11.1998 - 08.2001

Bold architecture for Vienna’s skyline

In May 1999, PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG, PPH in short, was awarded the contract for the erection of IZD Tower in Vienna’s Donaustadt district. In a mere 22 months, PORR – as part of a consortium – built an office tower with 41 storeys, a height of 162m and office spaces of 54,200m². It remains one of the largest office projects in Austria to this day.

Apart from the tower, IZD also includes a 5-storey base structure as well as an underground car park providing parking spaces for up to 456 cars on four levels. A glass-covered atrium connects the high-rise with the low-rise building.

A 5-storey, hammerhead-shaped projecting element rising above the 38th floor is one of IZD Tower’s distinguishing architectural features. At a height of more than 100m, the steel structure – built with a combination of element slabs and in-situ concrete – projects from the tower’s façade by more than 12m. The structure was anchored using steel pylons and pre-stressed cables into the slab above the 37th floor in an unbounded way by means of a dead-end anchor.

The building is situated in close vicinity of Vienna’s UNO City and Donauinsel, one of Vienna’s most important local recreation areas, as well as the Alte Donau area. Thanks to the fact that the underground line U1 is located close by, one can reach the city centre in a matter of minutes.

Not least due to its bold architecture, IZD Tower today forms a landmark of Vienna’s Donauplatte and, together with the other high-rise buildings in the vicinity, significantly characterises the unique skyline of this modern part of Vienna.