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Melk flood protections

Facts and Figures
Company TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH, Lower Austria branch BU1/Civil engineering
Principal Municipality of Melk
Location Melk - Austria
Type Hydraulic engineering, Pipeline construction
Runtime 03.2013 - 04.2015

Flood protection measures for a popular tourist destination.

The construction of the Melk flood protections including surface design of the main square and parts of the inner city took place in six construction phases.

The flood protection measures consist of subsoil sealing and a reinforced concrete foundation for the attachment of mobile elements. Special features are the alternative foundation variant using GEWI piles for purposes of load transfer as well as the baffle made from DSV fins.

The Danube flood of 2013, which flooded the entire construction site, was a great challenge for the project.

In addition to work on the flood protection measures and main square design, the City of Melk commissioned PORR with the following construction jobs:

  • Laying of district heating lines in the effected construction area                                        
  • Rehabilitation and conversion of desolate sewer sections                                             
  • Rehabilitation of the B1 country road running along the flood protection section                     
  • Structural measures to support the Wachau World Cultural Heritage region