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ORBI Tower

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH
Principal Strabag AG
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Special civil engineering
Runtime 06.2015 - 03.2016

Building on sound foundations.

This project includes the temporary building pit supporting system, ground water drainage and the deep foundations for the modern office high-rise with three basement floors, a ground floor and 27 upper floors.

To secure the construction pit of the more than 100m high office building, a contiguous bored pile wall with DSV spandrel sealing was built. To support the construction pit’s walls we employed bored and expendable rod anchors and, partially, steel reinforcement. For purposes of installing the deep foundations, 126 DN 90cm bored piles up to 28m deep were manufactured. The majority of deep foundation piles were built using the CFA method and bored down to a depth of up to 25m.

Despite spatially restricted conditions, the demanding construction schedule could be adhered to.