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Pfaffenau Waste Incineration Plant

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH
Principal Wiener Kommunal-Umweltschutzprojektges.m.b.H. (WKU)
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Power plant construction, Large-scale projects
Runtime 03.2006 - 07.2008

Industrial construction and eye-catcher.

Simmering Environmental Centre consists of Vienna’s main waste water treatment plant, Vienna Biogas Plant and Pfaffenau Waste Incineration Plant, built by PORR. Its construction represented an important step in the extension of Vienna’s modern waste and waste water treatment system. Simmering Environmental Centre is the third-largest waste incineration plant in Vienna and has an annual capacity of 250,000 tons of residual waste. The energy created in the incineration process is used to generate power and fed into Vienna’s district heating system.

Pfaffenau Waste Incineration Plant’s visual appearance is dominated by 15,000m² of orange expanded metal covering the entire plant as an important architectural element. The facility furthermore impresses onlookers with a waste bunker up to 45m tall and a capacity of some 60,000m³.

PORR’s services included all master builder work, from excavation work to reinforced concrete construction to façade construction, the installation of the expanded metal envelope and finishing crafts all the way to the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical equipment. The majority of carcass work needed to be completed in a mere ten months in 2006. More than 33,000m³ of reinforced concrete and 3,300t of reinforcing steel were installed in the process. The finishing crafts, the outside facilities, roads and façades, were mostly completed in 2007.