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Repair of the A10 Salzburg-Salzburg Süd

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal Ing. Hans Bodner Bauges.m.b.H. & Co. KG
Location Salzburg - Austria
Type Concrete slab construction, Soil stabilisation, Joint, repair and surface technology
Service duration 09.2015 - 11.2016

All services from one provider.

After 25 years of operation, the present concrete surface of the section from km 2+500 to km 9+000 of the A10 Tauern motorway urgently needed to be replaced. Because the section is subject to intense heavy traffic, the new covering was intended to be done in concrete once again, while the foundation would be improved with cement stabilisation. 
ÖBA began this challenging project in September of 2015. In total, it created a base course stabilised with cement on a total area of approximately 190,000 m². About 150,000 m² of concrete slab was also manufactured with a breadth of 11.50 m and a thickness of 25 cm.

The total length of the transverse joints, longitudinal joints, and coupling joints was approximately 100,000 m. 
In this project, ÖBA used its entire spectrum of services on a single construction site. However, it was not merely the type of execution that was a challenge. The junction of Salzburg Süd had to remain seamlessly in operation throughout the works. Cleverly devised logistics made it possible for the large ready-made units to be installed exactly when and where they should be.