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Rerouting of L 197 Arlberg pass road

Photo: Rerouting of the L 197 Arlberg pass road: the lower third of the picture shows the scattered alpine mountainside settlement of Stuben, the middle section shows construction cranes working to reroute the Arlberg pass road and the sky is visible at the top.
Facts and Figures
Company TEERAG-ASDAG, NL Tirol
PrincipalThe Office of the Tyrolean Government
LocationKlösterle - Austria
Type Road construction
Runtime04.2014 - 11.2015

Safe journeys through the high mountains

The project was to reroute a 1.3 km stretch of the L 197 Arlberg pass road, which was at risk of rock falls and carriageway subsidence. To enable road users to use the route more safely, TEERAG-ASDAG constructed five supporting walls (1,700m³, up to 11m in height) for the section most at risk, in the steep alpine terrain above Stuben.

    • Rock removed soil class 6-7: 55,000m³
    • Specially coated surfaces 10-20cm: 1,500m²
    • IBO anchors: 3,200 m
    • Permanent ground anchors 950KN: 600m
    • Faced brickwork: 1,600 m²
    • Granite hard shoulder, 15/24 ROA1: 1,900m
    • Frost layer: 15,100 m³