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Waste water treatment plant Leibnitz-Wagna-Kaindorf

Facts and Figures
Company TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH in a consortium
Principal Waste water association of Leibnitz-Wagna-Kaindorf
Location Styria - Austria
Type Pipeline construction
Runtime 01.2008 - 08.2010

Conversion and expansion in accordance with latest environmental standards.

TEERAG-ASDAG GmbH, as part of a consortium, processed what was at that time one of the most important and largest sanitary engineering projects in Southern Styria: Leibnitz-Wagna-Kaindorf waste water association's, in short AWV-LWK, existing waste water treatment plant ARA from 1978 was adapted to the current emission directive for communal waste water. At the same time, the plant which had been designed for 40,000 citizens was expanded to handle a population of 50,000 and brought up to the latest state of technology.

The overall project was divided into three construction phases: The first construction phase included the new construction of the waste water lines. This could be completed on schedule in August 2009. The second construction phase was about the entire sludge treatment system. The mixed water treatment tank, the exhaust air system, the bio filter and the compost storage were built in the course of the third construction phase. It took from autumn 2009 to completion in August 2010. 

  • Reinforced concrete: 14,000m3
  • Reinforcing steel: 1,500 t
  • Formwork: 30,000m2
  • Lines: 10,000m