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Edible mushrooms from coffee grounds - PORR supports sustainable Viennese company Hut & Stiel

Vienna, October 17, 2019 - By cooperating with the Viennese start-up Hut & Stiel, PORR is taking a small, but important step towards zero waste. The coffee grounds of around 1,000 employees are collected at the PORR headquarters in Vienna. This means that more than seven tonnes of coffee grounds per year can be used for growing oyster mushrooms.
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PORR Adventure-Camp

Vienna, 6.8.2019 – Vacation time is often a big challenge for working parents: Where can I find suitable childcare and entertainment facilities for the summer months? And how can my kids spend time in a meaningful way? With the Adventure-Camp, PORR has once again organised a first-class holiday activity this year. The camp supports PORR employees during the school holidays and offers children and...
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