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Press release

PORR and Siemens Healthineers hold topping-out ceremony

Vienna, 02.11.2021 – PORR is realising a state-of-the-art research campus for Siemens Healthineers in Forchheim, Germany. Worth EUR 350m, the project is the largest investment in new construction to date for Siemens Healthineers. The High Energy Photonics (HEP) Center will be home to R&D activities as well as the production of all medical-technology components for computer tomography and X-ray systems. As the design-build contractor, PORR Industriebau has been responsible for the entirety of this trailblazing project – from the design to the completion.

“It is an honour to realise such a farsighted and sustainable project for a company as renowned as Siemens Healthineers. We have applied BIM at every stage of this smart technology centre”, said Karl–Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR, at the topping-out ceremony on 29 October in Forchheim, Bavaria.

A one-stop shop with BIM

PORR Industriebau has been involved in the project since the conceptual design in early 2020 and is also responsible for the entire construction project in its role as design-build contractor. The research campus is being realised under application of the LEAN approach. PORR subsidiary pde Integrale Planung is responsible for the BIM coordination and for overseeing the building’s certification to LEED Silver standard. The pile foundation followed on from the pre-construction phase back in October 2020, with the build set for completion by the end of 2022. This means that Siemens experts will be able to develop and produce medical devices in the new building complex in 2023. The construction process is supported by drone surveys, the intelligent linking of 3D models and 2D details, and corresponding simulations. This documentation subsequently ensures sustainable building operation and optimal facility management.

Focus on digitalisation and sustainability

With the new research campus in Forchheim, Siemens Healthineers brings together the manufacturing, R&D and logistics of X-ray equipment and generators. These components are the main parts in modern systems for computer tomography, angiography, and X-ray.

“With the High Energy Photonics Center, we are now establishing one of the most cutting-edge and sustainable facilities for developing and producing medical-technology components in Europe and beyond”, said Bernd Montag, CEO of Siemens Healthineers.

The new plant will be digitally connected in full and have advanced automated equipment that will not only help reduce future production costs, but also increase the quality of the products and secure sufficient capacity for further growth. A specially developed energy concept should ensure that the building complex operates in a way that is almost completely carbon neutral. The HEP Center is set for completion in 2022; it should begin operating by the end of 2023 and serve as a workplace for around 700 specialists.


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Melanie Manner Press spokeswoman