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BVH Altenbergerstraße

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH . Civil Engineering Branch Lower Austria
Principal Erste ÖSW Wohnbauträger GmbH
Location Linz - Austria
Type Pipeline construction
Runtime 11.2017 - 12.2017

Utility lines in circulating traffic.

A main sewer in the City of Linz was commissioned by Erste ÖSW Wohnbauträger GmbH. The project included partial contracts for in-situ concrete connections to the existing system and linkage of a secondary collector. PORR was responsible for all the earthworks, master builder and pipe-laying work.

A giant slide rail shoring system was used to lay the pipes into trenches excavated up to 6m deep. A particular challenge arose due to the requirement that traffic should continue to circulate normally throughout the construction period. The PORR team was able to complete the challenging utility lines project in a mere six-week construction period.

Scope of services in detail:

Reinforced concrete/ovoid profile DN1200/1800 laid: 150m approx.

Total excavated volume: 2,000m3 approx.

Gravel 4/8mm: 600m3 approx.

Invert concrete, reinforced: 100m3 approx.