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BVH main sewer Oberthan BL 3

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH . Civil Engineering Branch Upper Austria
Principal EWW AG Abteilung Wasser
Location Wels - Austria
Type Pipeline construction
Runtime 05.2017 - 12.2017

New main sewer for Wels.

The construction scheme, commissioned by the water department of EWW AG, comprised the earthworks, master builder and pipe-laying work for a main sewer in the town of Wels. The project involved constructing two secondary channels (DN 700, DN 1000), plus fully restoring the surfaces in both the paved and unsurfaced areas of the project. A giant slide rail shoring system was used to handle excavation depths of up to 7m.

To complete the contract, a flow combiner was built from in-situ concrete. During the project, around 15,000m3 of excavated soil was moved and hundreds of metres of ovoid-profile reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete pipes were laid.

Scope of services in detail:

Reinforced concrete/ovoid profile DN1000/1500 laid: 820m approx.

Reinforced concrete pipes DN1000 laid: 200m approx.

Reinforced concrete pipes DN700 laid: 130m approx.

Total excavated volume: 15,000m3 approx.

Gravel 4/8mm: 4,000m3 approx.

Invert concrete: 450m3 approx.