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Florido Tower, Vienna

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG
Principal UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG, Bayernfonds Immobilien Services AG / Union Investment GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type High-rise construction, Office buildings
Runtime 11.1999 - 09.2001

Comfortable work at the Danube

PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG carried out all the master builder work for the Florido Tower high-rise building project in Vienna's Floridsdorf district. The office centre includes a 30-storey high-rise building plus ground floor and technology floor, three flat buildings with four or five storeys each as well as a three-storey car park. The innovative high-rise office building with its height of 113m harmoniously blends in with Vienna's new high-rise skyline along the Danube. Commercial premises, an underground car park, a restaurant, a kindergarten and a wide range of other service offers provide the some 1,800 employees working there with a modern and relaxed work environment.

A premier in Austria, the high-rise building was erected on top of a 2m-thick reinforced concrete slab serving as a shallow foundation. In order to be able to absorb settling differences between the high-rise building and the flat buildings, the structure was divided by means of settling fields in the ground slab and the basement ceilings which were concreted once the carcass was complete.

Taking into account the enormous support loads created, PORR equipped the high-rise building which had been conceptualised as a reinforced concrete skeleton structure with steel-core composite supports. Thereby, the inside core zone of the 32-storey tower was built using automatic climbing formwork, continuously three storeys ahead of the structural slabs. The high-rise building's façade was executed as a dual-wall structure with exterior fixed panes, interior dual-pane insulation glazing as well as intermediate, electrically operated sun protection measures. Among others, this has the advantage that all windows up to the top floor can be opened even in windy and rainy weather. On the draught side, the office areas are cooled by means of chilled beams in the suspended ceiling, the exhaust air is directed into the false floor.

Due to the ambitious construction time specified, the high-rise carcass and the following fit-out tasks including HVACR system needed to be implemented in weekly cycles. Overall completion took a mere 22 months.