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Track surveying

Measurement and quality control.

To decisively increase the productivity of the tamping machine, PORR relies on the compact, cable-free Track measuring system GEDO CE. Since it doesn’t require long setup or assembly times, it’s ready to measure. The measuring process itself is similar to the conventional premeasurement of the tamping machine, but a continuous digital data flow is ensured from the track marking plan to the creation of the tamping file.

Manufacturer Trimble Railway GmbH
Gauge 1,435mm
Accuracy ±0,3mm

Measuring with lasers: Mephisto.

The mobile Mephisto laser fixed-point measuring device is a lightweight measuring device for profile, fixed point, and trolley system measurements. It can be used in metric and normal gauge, including in switches.

Manufacturer CEMAFER
Gauge 1,435mm
Accuracy ± 0,3mm

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