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Vegetation control

Flexible control.

PORR’s MAN bidirectional car enables variable and highly efficient vegetation control of track installations. Eight spray segments and a computer-based control of the spray quantity allow the herbicide to be applied selectively, free of clearance, and up to 6m wide, thus ensuring the application is ecologically and economically sound.

Since the tank can hold 5,000l of the spraying fluid, you can work efficiently (working speed of up to 25km/h) without continually having to refill it. With a track-mounted transfer speed of 50km/h, the vehicle can also by moved quickly from one train station to the next. The modular construction allows the bidirectional car to be disassembled and used for other lifting and transporting work as well.

Technical data.

Manufacturer (carrier vehicle) MAN 33.413 with bidirectional device
Track spraying device DAMMANN track sprayer
Additional device, loading crane Palfinger PK44002
Motor capacity 302kW
Total mass, max. 33t
Driving speed (track), max. 50km/h
Length over buffers                  10,620mm
Number of axles     4

Performance parameters.

Smallest drivable track radius 150m                                                    
Towing capacity, max. 40t
Traction, crane, max. 45kN
Max. outreach 11.5m
Lifting capacity with max. outreach 4.19t

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